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Substance Abuse Counselling in Melbourne: Services Focused on Outcomes

We offer substance abuse treatment to facilities like Outpatient clinics, Residential treatment centers, General hospitals, Mental hospitals, Mental health clinics, Government agencies, Private practice, Prisons, Probation and parole agencies, Juveline detention facilities, Halfway houses, Detox centers, Employee assistance programs and others. We help people experiencing substance use and drug addiction problems. We provide treatment and support for people trying to overcome substance abuse.


Substance abuse counseling is a combination of treatment and support designed to help individuals break free from drug or alcohol addiction. This specific type of therapy is often a key part of rehabilitation programs, allowing clients to overcome substance dependence mentally and emotionally.


Key points about substance abuse counseling:


What It Involves:

Counseling Sessions: Substance abuse counselors work with clients in individual or group settings. They provide guidance, education, and emotional support to help clients understand their addiction and develop coping strategies.

Behavioral Techniques: Counselors use evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to address addictive behaviors and thought patterns.

Family Involvement: Family counseling may be part of the process, as addiction affects not only the individual but also their loved ones.

Holistic Approach: Substance abuse counseling takes a holistic approach, considering physical, emotional, and social aspects of addiction.

Who Benefits:

Individuals with Addiction: Substance abuse counselors work with people struggling with drug or alcohol use disorders.

Families: Counseling can also support family members affected by a loved one’s addiction.

Young People: Programs like Substance abuse counselling provided by us at Counseling Healing Supporting provide specialized services for young individuals.

Where It Happens:

Treatment Facilities: Substance abuse counselors typically work in outpatient clinics, residential treatment centers, and rehabilitation programs.

Over-the-Phone Counseling: Some services offer free over-the-phone counseling during office hours.

Live-In Rehabilitation: For severe cases, live-in rehabilitation centers provide intensive support.

Mental Health Services: substance abuse counseling often intersects with mental health services. Programs like Mental Health Counseling provided by us at Counseling Healing address both substance use and mental well-being.

If you or someone you care about is dealing with substance-related issues, consider reaching out to us for a substance abuse counseling session at Counseling Healing Supporting based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We offer these services worldwide to support everyone. Remember, seeking help is a courageous step toward recovery.

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