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Our Mission

At Counseling Healing Supporting, we are dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families, and organizations build strong and lasting connections through compassionate guidance and evidence-based strategies. Our counseling and therapies are designed to help with various areas of life including career, family, health, and relationships. We provide a supportive and confidential environment where everyone can explore and grow, and we are committed to fostering understanding and connecting our clients with the right energies. Let us help you navigate challenges, heal from conflicts, and build a foundation for lasting happiness in your life.

Our vision is to foster happiness in individuals, couples, workplaces, families, groups, and organizations. Each service we offer is designed to enhance tranquility, fulfillment, and equilibrium in your life. Our goal is to pave the way for a luminous future. Through enhanced understanding, communication, and strengthened connections, you will be well-prepared to overcome life's hurdles.

We encourage you to join us on this transformative journey, where every step brings you closer to your aspirations. Embrace the opportunity today and let us guide you in transforming your challenges into catalysts for growth.

Our Vision


Sweta Somo is a highly qualified and experienced Counsellor, Therapist, and Astrologer with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Diploma in Business, and multiple diplomas and certificates in Mental Health, Counselling, and Hypnosis. Sweta is a true expert in her field.Sweta is a member several professional associations, including the Australian Counselling Association, Australian Hypnotherapists Association, and Victorian Astrologers Association.

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Owner of Counseling Healing Supporting

Why Choose Us?

We offer services that Transform Lives and are really effective for our clients. With over 21+ years' experience, we have mastered the art of analyzing what do our clients actually need to resolve any of their problems. We have been building Happy Workplaces, Happy Individuals and Happy Families with our specialized services.


Our Services' Unique Features:


We use combination of techniques to resolve the wellbeing of our clients. We provide counselling and therapies and also offer additional support through Astrology, Numerology and Ancient Scientific and Holistic Methods for healing our clients.

Reasons Our Services Stand Out:

Counseling Healing Supporting offers exceptional support to individuals, couples, families, groups, companies, and organizations to enhance their overall well-being.

By choosing Counseling, Healing, Supporting, you are opting for a highly educated, experienced, and exceptional counselor, therapist, and astrologer to address your concerns. Specialized combination techniques are used to assist clients in healing and resolving life's challenges. Jobseekers, professionals, and students receive outstanding support for career advancement. Business owners gain valuable insights for their future and continuous support for growth. Groups and communities benefit from substantial support in the workplace and at social events, courtesy of Sweta Somo. The goal is to foster happiness and connection. "Counseling Healing Supporting" is the premier destination for your counseling and therapy needs.

Counselling and Therapies for CEOs, Executives and Political Leaders.

Healing Political Leaders and Organizations


Counselling and Therapies for Couples


Individual Counselling,

Couples Counselling,

Family Counselling,

Group Counselling,

Mental Health Counselling,

Substance Abuse Counselling,

Anger Management,

Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Low Self Esteem

Grief & Loss

Career Issues

Counselling and Therapies for Individuals



DeTrauma Therapy,

Past Life Regression Therapy,

Mindfulness Therapy,

Expressive Therapy,

Family Therapy,

Couples Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy,

Life Coaching



Client - Mark

Mark, Business Owner

Experienced a very calm envrionment for healing from my business losses, getting closer to spirituality.

Thanks Sweta

Client - Sam

Sam, Engineer

Sweta supported me with therapies to help me recover from stress, anxiety and depression.

Highly recommend the services.

Client - Luke

Luke, CEO

Exceptional Combination Therapies that support Couple Counselling backed up by Astrology.

Must Consult Sweta

Who are our Clients?

We understand that balancing personal and professional life can be challenging. That's why we work with professionals from all sectors to bring stability to their lives. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life. Let us help you find the balance you need.

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